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Welcome to FudoMouth: Music, home to DJ Phalaris' Mixtapology podcast series. In keeping with a long tradition, you'll also find a featured live show fileset. Currently on tap: a fantastic MMW show from their 2014 tour with Nels Cline. Everything is free for your downloading and listening pleasure. Enjoy!

The Mixtapology Series

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The Mixtapology Series

Mixtape science: in this series, FudoMouth's own DJ Phalaris takes the aesthetic of the mixtape to a new level. Embracing the spirit of cassette compilations once passed among friends, each Mixtapology episode explores diverse cultural themes and creative energies through an assemblage of music, sampled ideas and audio collage. The episodes are all connected as well, creating an enfolding headphone journey that eventually comes full circle.


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Medeski, Martin & Wood + Nels Cline - Lugano, Switzerland, 04.07.2014

Early in 2014, MMW released The Woodstock Sessions, an improvised hybrid album with guitarist Nels Cline. Soon after, the quartet embarked on a brief European tour, playing a remarkable run of completely improvised shows. Best known for his work with Wilco, Cline exhibits a diverse range as he engages with the trio at their most exploratory. Together the four create a whole new sound. Recordings of a few of the quartet's Europe shows have surfaced, and this performance in Switzerland is easily one of the best.

MMW Featuring Nels Cline

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Taped by Lewojazz / Tracked by InsectEffect / MP3 by FudoMouth

Enjoy this MP3 version on the go, but be sure to download the archival lossless FLAC fileset.
Check out the Info Text for full setlist and recording details.

Thanks, as always, to The Shack Project and the community.

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