The Annapurna Circuit, Nepal (140 Photos)
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"...Despite its precipitous scale, the Annapurna Conservation Area isn't exactly wilderness, as least what we're able to see of it; the river courses and trail networks are all actively inhabited, the hills terraced for rice and, where it's too steep and cold in the higher reaches, for maize. We pass thru dozens of various-sized villages, and see more secreted away, almost invisible among the high recesses of rock and frond. And the Circuit trail we follow isn't merely a hiking trail, but a high mountains highway in a land where all goods must be carried in and out by porters, or more commonly pack-mules, which pass us in long trains, littering the track with dung that dries and grinds to scattering dust in the hot slog of our first several days hard hiking..."
— From Austin's essay Circling the Abode of Snow
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