Counter Inaugural Protests in D.C.
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January 20, 2005 -- On the occasion of President Bush's 2nd Inaugural Celebration, thousands gathered from across the country to protest the Administration in a wide variety of demonstrations, speaking out against the war, social inequality, and the extravagances of the Inaugural Celebration itself. These photos document the mass rally, an estimated 10,000 people strong, organized by the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN). We began at Malcolm X Park and marched to McPherson Square. From there the assembled groups pursued different routes; ours continued to a security checkpoint where protesters met Celebration supporters in a somewhat volatile crowd dialogue. Aggressive Black Bloc demonstrators who challenged the police parameter were pepper-sprayed and eventually elicited the attention of riot cop squads, who arrived in a fitting display of power during a day devoted to a so-called celebration of democracy...     

Photos with black border were gathered from various independent media sources, and lend additional perspective to the day's events. Please Make Contact with questions about attribution or use.
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