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I take photos wherever I go, and below you'll find a gallery of some of my favorites. There's also a collection of older Photo Essays in the Archive, while many of my more recent sets are now shared on Facebook. Images often accompany my writings, especially those related to travel. More links below. Please enjoy!


Along the Hozugawa, Kyoto, Japan

Winter in Nagano, Japan

Kyoto Under Glass

Enmachi, Kyoto

{Photos taken during my two years in Japan. See Facebook Album and Photo Essays in the Archive for more.}



Badlands National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia National Park

Olympic National Park

{I have a deep love for wildlands, especially those preserved by our National Parks.
Visit my National Parks page for links to photosets and more.}



Entropy Glyph: Kathmandu, Nepal

Entropy Glyph: Yagi-cho, Japan

In a sense, entropy is what kills all our illusions, and this dark liberation becomes even more important in a world of potentially insidious, or at least overbearing, technological constructs. As public spaces devolve into theme parks or malls, where the creative force of organic life is managed down to every blade of grass, entropy—mildew, rot, decay—even becomes the final sign of nature and its spontaneous freedom. Erik Davis

Entropy Glyph: Kameoka, Japan

Entropy Glyph: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

{Impermanence, a central teaching in Buddhism, can be a difficult truth to accept. It can also be beautiful.
I call these images 'entropy glyphs,' and have a large collection taken around the world. These are from:
1. Kathmandu, Nepal; 2. Yagi, Japan; 3. Kameoka, Japan; 4. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.}



Jaipur, India

Pushkar, India

Varanasi, India

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

{My travel dispatches from Nepal and India form a series called Six Months on the Subcontinent.
Photo Essays featuring India and Nepal's Annapurna Circuit can be found in the Archive.}


{Visit the FudoMouth: Images Photo Archive for More.}
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